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The Crypt's of Divinity's Reach


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In one of the Guild Wars Novels "Ghosts of Ascalon" the main characters are exploring the Crypts below Divinity's Reach.I always though this would be amazing to explore, and maybe even be a dungeon (and while we're at it, can we revamp dungeons to be a thing again?)

I thought the "Boss" fight in the book was so awesome, I'd love to be a part of it ingame!

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I'd like to explore those crypts too, I'm curious about what's down there. Especially after the 'great collapse' which lead to the big hole which is now the Crown Pavilion. I seem to remember when that was created Anet emphasised that it's suspended over the hole, but the hole and anything in it are still there and it wouldn't surprise me if it joins up with the crypts somewhere.

I'm imagining something like the GW1 dungeons (some of which were absolutely massive) - a mix of artificial structures, some ruined and some intact and natural caverns and tunnels.

I'm not sure what sort of things we'd find down there (other than probably destroyers at some point) but that's what would be fun about it, finding out.

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