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Add a "2-seater" skill to Skyscale/Griffon

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@"knite.1542" said:Good idea mate. I would love to use this feature to kill many unsuspecting players.

"What's that friend? You need a ride? No worries, hop on my griffon. Why are we going so high? No reason, just trust me. Oh, you needed to go that way? It's okay"DIVE BOMBhehehe, I hope they implement this.

I did this a couple of times in WoW using the 2-seater rocket... took a fellow guildie over the Hoarde capitol city (we were Alliance) and dropped him off. He thought it was funny.

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Of all the things they could be adding to the list this is not one I would ever put anywhere at the top of. The programming would be complicated plus players can just put in the time to unlock the mounts like the rest of us did. If ANet really needs operating money it wouldn't bother me if they did a pay to unlock mounts as long as it goes to supporting the game and bringing us new content or for a good charity cause; maybe feeding people in this time of crisis. The question is what would the mount unlocks be worth to the player who doesn't want to put the time in to unlock them? I'm thinking 4000 gems for a "Take to the Skies" skyscale/griffon unlock package.

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