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Condi Engi


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@Mikexsa.6482 said:

@"knite.1542" said:Do you have a specialization preference? (holosmith, scrapper, core engineer)

Nope, what will suite and maximize condi engi will be great

Alright mate. Well first I will say, I don't know what a good viper alternative is for you. That being said, if/when you do get full viper gear, here is an open world build for you.


This will maximize your burns and bleed while still doing some solid power damage. On top of that, you should be able to keep up fury and a lot of might which will further boost your damage. You gain might from the sigil, corona burst (forge mode 3), and from blasting your fire fields.If you need to take a different utility for more sustain, I would drop grenade kit first.This build will perform best on mobs that don't move.

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