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Wall glitches

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Recently i've experienced more wall glitches than i used to, can anyone confirm they have the same issue?

Just a few minutes ago i used unrelenting assault and ended up inside a big tree in tangled depths.Two days ago in our guild mission i wp'ed to talos waypoint in the timberline falls, immediately jumped on my skimmer as it's a swamp there and ended up below the map.

this did happen only once accidentally (+ intentionally the famous LS bug that led you to the rooftops of course) in dragon's fall where i ended up in a tree for unknown reasons over the last 3 years.it may just be bad luck but considering all the server lags that could also cause wall issues ...

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Yes, can confirm wall is glitching since the second last server reset on WvW.

not in PvE but in WvWone instance, the wall of Wildcreek Run is all missing and i can walk/see thru the tower from the front missing wall to the back rock cliff. (FYI theres a tiny cave behind that tower , you wont see if the wall is properly rendered) I can see other players who are suppose to be standing on the wall using the trebuchet dropping from the top of the wall to the ground and back to the trubuchet, and dropping and back to the top in repeated motion.

WC wall is okay this week

this week SMC wall is flickering, one of the wall was taken down, we cannot go in from it, also cannot catapult it anymore since there's a wall still there which we can' t select

Edit:Timeline is a bit mixed up since I don't take a note. but have sent a bug report from in game.

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