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Jackal Pup Backpack

Sol VIII.6812

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I got lucky and got one after maybe 10 keys? It was early in the morning so I can't really remember. I didn't spend a lot but honestly it was worth it. It would be nice to at least have them be traded or sold on the TP, but then again people would probably try to sell them for way more than the price of converting gold to gems for keys. Sometimes you just gotta get lucky or be willing to spend the money.

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Included in the BL chest not long ago was the Black Lion Exclusives Chest. It contains all the account-bound items that had dropped in the themed BL chests since the start. It's a tradeable item that removes the randomization factor. If ANet makes this a pattern and keeps release an equivalent for each 5-7 months worth of account bound RNG skins, it means we'll end up with some good options:

  • The impatient & "feeling lucky" crowd can spend some gems to get the skin when it is first made available.
  • The really impatient & "why is the drop rate so low" contingent can spend a ton of gems.
  • The rest of us can wait to get lucky on getting the Exclusives Chest as a drop or purchasing it on the TP.


List of Contents (available via links above, but who wants to click a link when someone else will do the work for you?)

  • Grasping Phantom Glider
  • Mini Celestial Rooster
  • Infinirarium Glider
  • Candelabra Staff Skin
  • Bitterfrost Vantage Point
  • Noran's Safe Room Pass and Key
  • Elemental Sword Skin
  • Sworn Zaishen Helm Skin
  • Hounds of Balthazar Mail Carrier

tl;dr there's a decent chance we'll be able to get jackal pup backpack and hydra skins from the TP in a few months.

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