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24 Build Storage is not enough, let us buy more


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Why is the limit we're allowed to buy so low? Why do I need to ask Anet to let me give them more money?

Here is some math.There are 9 professions, and 24 possible build storage slots you can purchase.24 / 9 = 2.666 templates per class.With 3 major gamemodes in the game (WvW/PvP/PvE) there is less then one slot available for each on your classes.

You could argue there is 3 (or 6) extra slots per character since there are build templates, but that doesn't quite make sense either. Build templates are what you actively modify, whereas build storage is what you save and revert to after tweaking your builds, they serve a different purpose for that reason.

24 seems awfully low in the first place. Should it not be somewhere in 60+ range?Maybe Anet could make them cost in the 900 gem range after 24 slots have been purchased, so it matches the price of build templates being 1 build = 300 gems.

Let me give you more money Anet.

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I'd argue instead that the amount per purchase should be multiplied so people get more for their purchase retroactively. 3 build storage is extremely low for what amounts to a few text strings.

It's almost certain that bank storage takes more data and you get 30 slots for that. At the least I'd expect 9 slots per purchase (1 per class).

Because you can have builds saved elsewhere and drop the build code into the build template tabs directly, most people don't even buy build storage currently. Build templates have hot key functionality so at least they are semi-useful.

Build storage has been discounted heavily in the past to the tune of 40% despite being a relatively new addition so it's something in the realm of possibility that it isn't a decent seller unlike character slots (40% off was only one time in 2014 , 35% is typically the highest discount) , bank tabs (up to 35% off), or equipment templates (up to 30% off) which never have been discounted that heavily. Build templates were cut up to 70% (30% off) previously yet it is a free one-off giveaway today.

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