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Free account free build template error

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I'm not sure what part of this is the problem, but something's not right, at the very least the wrong error message is showing up.

I logged into my free account to try to claim the free build template in today's sale. I didn't get the free item notification on the gem store and the build template wasn't listed on the promotions tab as it was for my other accounts. I checked and build and equipment templates don't show up in the gem store at all on this account. I'm not sure if that's because it's a free account, because the only character is just level 10, or some other reason but that's not the problem.

I then tried to claim the freebie directly through the hero panel by clicking on one of the locked tabs and at first it appeared to work:A4kREyM.jpg

But then when I clicked 'yes' I got this error message:LkuT0Zn.jpg

"The transfer cost for the selected world has been altered. During a demo you need to log out completely a reconnect to update current transfer costs. (Code=1052:58:4:1311:101)"

That's clearly not the right error message as it's talking about server transfers, not equipment tabs.

(Just to be clear I'm fine with not being able to get the free tab on this account, I don't really play it and only have it to check out the restrictions on free accounts, I just wanted to report the fact that this is happening and likely affecting other free players.)

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Thank you Danikat. I also use sometimes a f2p account (doing the world completion and easy fractals without mounts and mistlock singularities is quite fun), but I didn't think about trying to buy the template from the hero panel (I tried from the shop/account upgrade and I didn't find it).Good to know (I guess) that it doesn't work.I also have an item to unlock all the waypoints in Orr: it never worked on the f2p account. It always says "you can't use it now, even when I'm in Orr.

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@Blude.6812 said:No freebies for f2p. Which is a smart move from Anet.

I've been able to get other free items on my free account, like the heroic booster the day before (although today's black lion statuettes also don't show up on that account). But even if free accounts aren't supposed to be able to get it there's still a problem because it was showing me I could get one for free, then giving me an unrelated error message when it didn't work.

As I said I'm fine with not getting the free build template, I just wanted to report the inconsistent messaging and since it needed more than 1 screenshot to explain what happened I thought a forum post would be better than the in-game bug report system.

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