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Future location for Dragon Response Missions


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So it's quite clear that Champions and the associated Dragon Response Missions is another way of re-using older assets to provide new content while other teams are busy working of End of Dragons.We know from the appearance of new mastery points on older maps that we'll be visiting a range of other locations including some Living world maps and this has got me thinking about what other locations we would like to see in the upcoming chapters of this release.

Personally I would like to see them re-use one of, if not the most under-used map in Tyria: Claw Island; I think this location has a lot of potential for some interesting story and gameplay, the large amount of water would give us a reason to utilize our underwater mount skill, and the location itself has a lot of emotional history with the Commander giving us a opportunity to have some meaningful dialogue from our PC and share our past with the member of Dragonwatch instead of standing to one side while the children fight amongst themselves(i'm looking at you Braham and Taimi).

where are some interesting location you would like to see in the upcoming chapters?

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