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Request: Expand the Roleplay section of the LFG Tool!

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I remember when this section got snuck into the LFG and when I ended up using it with the only party I saw there, Penny ended up RPing with a creaky, haunted table who bore a spooky, red logo next to their character's name! Was amazing, and if you're out there? I miss you, Table-ghost!

I also vaguely remember speaking with one of the devs that day about the addition to the LFG, and questioned why just the fountain of Rurikton? I believe their reply was something to the tune of, "It's just a start! If there are any the community feels should be added, they should submit their suggestions!"

Well, if I remember it correctly or I simply mixed it up with something I saw in an episode of Two Broke Girls playing in the waiting room of the local Discount Tire... SUGGESTIONS!

A note on these suggestions. I honestly feel the community will most likely end up using these more to get a taxi to the correct RP instance of maps more than just to find a roleplay scene to join. This tool is really where we, as roleplayers, can put this to good use. It can be very difficult to find roleplay in the world at large because of the mega-server instancing. It would re-vitalize and revolutionize the community if we only had a channel for each capitol city! If we found it possible expand that to the open-world maps, and a roleplayer could post they were going In-Character out in a map and create opportunities for others who may IC-ly be nearby could cross paths, easily? That would be NUTS! I'm not asking for THAT much, but I understand I don't understand jack from crap about what goes into accomplishing something like this. I won't be heartbroken if this doesn't come to fruition, but hey! Worth a shot!

Here we go!

ChangeFountain of Rurikton -> Divinity's Reach

Add - DEEZ ONES R IMPRTANT-Lion's Arch-The Black Citadel-The Grove-Rata Sum-Hoelbrek-Ebonhawk (Yeah, lot's of cat-hate, but they're people too... As in players /do/ actually RP here frequently)-The Free City of Amnoon(^^^^ This one is KITTEN IMPORTANT right now! You guys did an amazing job on the expansion and it's super RP-friendly in a lot of beautiful areas! It would be unfortunate to not give everyone the tools to allow them to breathe their own life into the city you guys made feel so alive and ripe for story! If anything, please add this!)-The Crystal Desert

Also consider adding - Less important, but still would be rad!-Kryta-Shiverpeak Mountains-Ascalon-Maguuma Jungle-Maguuma Wastes-Maguuma Jungle-Steamspur Mountains-Ruins of Orr-Ring of Fire Islands-The Mists War - (Dead-serious. This is a thing! Heck! I've done it! It's fun!)-The Heart of the Mists - (...Is this area lore-wise like some kinda awesome Valhalla-turned-sport in the lore, because if that's yet to be defined? Valhalla-bloodsport would be metal!)-The Mists - (Honestly, PvP, Fractals, Mad King stuff... Other.. Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey places can all be lumped here.)

And I'm struggling to think of any more, so before I start asking for the usual nonsense like In-game character profiles with bios or sit-able chairs... --I'MMA LEAVE IT AT THAT!

Keep flyin', fam!~Nol

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One thing I would like would be if we could flag ourselves as 'Roleplayer' Or something and then you'd be more likely to be in a server with a lot of others flagged as rpers in a megaserver. This would most likely only apply to the city maps but it would be better than nothing. I think instead changing the LFG in Roleplay to just maybe 'Roleplay Meetup' or something would be nice. I don't think it needs to be filtered into a bunch of different tabs, because then You'd have to flick through several to see if any have a party sitting in them.

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