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Secret Toymaker 2020

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The Wintersday is approaching, which means it is time for the yearly community Secret Santa! Secret Toymaker is here to help you share the spirit of Wintersday day by gifting people you haven't connected before.

Sign up today!


This years schedule is as follows. All times are UTC, aka server time.

Sign ups

  • closes at 23:59 on 16th of December


  • Starts at 0:00 on the 17th of December
  • Ends at 23:59 on the 9th of January


What are the rules for participating?

  • Only NA and EU players can participate.
  • The gift(s) must have a total value of 10g or more. See "What can I gift?" for more information.
  • You must send a gift to another player within the time frame.

What is the point to this?Giving. Compassion. And to get that warm, fuzzy feeling from spreading joy on Wintersday.

There is too much hate in Tyria. We read about it on the forums and on reddit every day. Skritts evacuating their homes, Quaggans getting killed by Mordrem. Wintersday is a time for caring and heartfelt acts of compassion. The most beautiful thing in Tyria is a selfless act to help out your fellow Tyrians in any way you can. By participating in Secret Toymaker you will do your part in making Tyria a better place.

Ok, sound cool. What do I need to do?Head over to the sign up page and register. Then go to the event page and participate. You will need to create and/or enter an API token. After the signups are closed, we will match you with another participant to whom you will send a gift. The participant you get matched up with will not be your secret toymaker. You will be their's. You will not know your secret toymaker until they reveal themself through a generous gift.

Can Free-to-play players participate?No, unfortunately. We have previously allowed for Free-to-play players to signup and receive donations, but as below 0.002% of previous signups were Free-to-play players we have decided it's not a priority.

What can I gift?Anything as long as the total value of your gift exceeds 10g and will fit in one mail (5 items). Meaning you can for instance give your match a dagger which is worth 10g, or a set of runes that in total are worth 10g. And naturally, there is no max limit, so if you feel extremely generous and you are one wealthy skritt, you can go nuts!

What is an API token?An API token is a randomly generated key consisting of numbers and letters, which gives whoever has the key access to some information about your account. At the time of writing this there are 10 sets of permissions you can give to an API token: account (required), inventories, characters, tradingpost, wallet, unlocks, pvp, builds, progression and and guilds. By granting us access to an API token with permissions for your account, we will be able to see your display name (e.g. ColinSohandsome.1234), if your account is Free-to-play, your home world, if you have a commander tag, and a list of guilds.

Is it safe to give you my API token? Can you access my account?Yes, it's safe. No, we cannot access your account. The API system is made by ArenaNet themselves for online tools to use.

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