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Mid-Front/Roam D/D Cele Tempest


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So Weaver is out and its been hard to figure out its niche. We all know it has the potential to dish out mass Dps given the opportunity (which rarely ever happens in wvw) and the sword has had a hard time finding its stride it its own regards. My question is, is there a build that allow ele to exist in wvw zvz that isn’t backline staff?

I came back to the game with PoF and stumbled across some interesting midline auramancer builds, god if it only didn’t sacrifice 100% percent of your Condi clear it’d be great. Alas,It pretty much does (ether renewal to me is a waste of time where you could actually be beneficial to yourself and the group). So, a workaround?

I used to main Celestial D/D ele back in the day when it was meta in PvP, played it in ToL 2 and ended up getting stomped by the Abjured (expected). Anyway I always dreamed of bringing it to wvw; the perfect spec. Half burst half Condi damage, insane sustain, tons of group heals, boon share and Condi clear, decent amount of cc and high mobility....what more could you ask for? It was never the best at one specific thing, but it was the best at everything consistently, and was core to every team. engage, support, clean up, 1v1, pick, stall, anything you name it. Well not tempest gives us the opurnity on a golden platter.

Fast forward ~3 years. Ele is in a weird spot (wvw) but tempest is added, along with ascended armor, infusions, and a mixed up meta. I get it, firebrand offers a lot, outdoes (staff) ele in most (support) cases, no one wants to waste their skills blasting water and fire fields, the game is easier now, more straight forward. That’s where d/d tempest makes up. Same self sustain and pressure, high mobility and boonshare, fast and easy condinclear and heals(instantly) and good (enoug) aoe pressure. Pre tempest the build was lacking healing and self support I get that but with it you have 4 more skills, a massive aoe heal, 2 damage skills great for downed bodies or counter engage, and a supportive aoe soft cc, and all 4 are stun breaks and offer boons/conditions on the side.

I’ve seen a similar build that ran earth instead of arcane but I think arcane give it more group and solo potential with heal and mighstacking on dodge at a loss of some personal toughness. Anyway here is the build, anyone who played cele d/d back in the day will understand it, it’s almost exactly the same but on steroids. So check it out :) I want opinions mainly on runes/sigils, currently they are geared to solo/roaming but if durability and some other sigils work better for group and let us keep our 1v1 potential in all ears!! ;) cheers!!!

PS. This build is meant for players who want to play in the chaos of things, front\midline, disrupting and supporting, and occasionally picking off the back line while renting a top notch 1v1 and roaming build. Thanks in advance!

Also I’m looking for imput on a simile weaver build?!!


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There's a couple of youtubers on EU who've perfected this build in recent days. It's identical in functionality to the old D/D you know and love, updated to incorporate all the balance offending new wvw additions, such as dura runes and mussels foods.

Look for conleav and seven on youtube to find the build. Fair warning that the game has moved pretty far past the stage where D/D cele was all powerful. It has real problems, especially in dealing with competent players in 1v1, but it's still great fun in 1vx.

(I'd have linked my own channel, am no saint, but my D/D stuff got taken down for copyright ;D)

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@Gokil.2543 said:It's identical in functionality to the old D/D you know and love, updated to incorporate all the balance offending new wvw additions, such as dura runes and mussels foods.

Yah it totally is which is what i love about it. I enjoy playing on the frontline more than the back and I didn't want to be forced into guard or war, so I really wanted to make eye work for it, which I think it does pretty well at. And I totally agree with dura runes and maybe some more defensive sigils it would work even better as tanky support but I like to keep atleast one set with aggressive rune set to keep the might stacking up when in smaller groups or solo :D Thanks !!

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