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All Hail Steve, Labyrinthine Horror


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@"Verenhimo.3296" It's actually quite common in every lab i've been in. https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/gw2/About-the-Labyrinthine-Horror here's an older post about it. I couldnt find the one from 2012 I did, I think they redid the old forums.

@Endless Soul.5178 Well the Steve monicker for the dragon was because of the letter S, but people argued that the Lab Horror already had that name :D

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So every tile of the floor of a maze is labyrinthine? Lamps installed to illuminate a maze are labyrinthine? My uncle used to have a little hedge maze in his garden. Was he labyrinthine at the time? Obviously, the way you use "relating to" isn't the intended way. It's meant in the sense that something relates to the concept of a labyrinth, not a specific one.

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@"Endless Soul.5178" said:I really don't understand giving the nickname "Steve" to everything.

Its not a new tradition for players to nickname certain unique (or even non-unique) mobs, or invent backstories for them for entertainment purposes. It can be varied in style, as most fan fiction is.... but occasionally sticks, and spreads to become a game wide meme within the community.

On a semi-related noted, Minecraft was popular by the time GW2 came out.... so it wouldn't surprise me if that had some influence.

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