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Rebirth of GW1 - re-think, re-design, give 2nd life

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Open letter PETITION to Arena from all the playersinitiated by Traveller Warrior (or Melandru Traveller in pre-searing)and based on in-game chat:Arena developers love Guild Wars 1. They keep working on GW1 during their free time.

and we - gamers - appreciate it!

You know what would bring 2nd life into this game? Making explorable area 1-for-all, not-instanced.

Imagine how awesome it is - go out of town and meet more players :-)

rediscover old areas with all the friends

we all LOVE this game, right?!They shall reanimate it !

_GW1 version II :D

solid efforts will pay off - NCSOFT CAN SELL IT AS NEW TO NEW PLAYERS._TIME for GW1 to reborn ! :-)

I can generate good ideas for them!

..even do programming!

if they don't want to do big changes, lets ask Arena to make it Open-source!

...and we shall see some very GOOD branches !

LETS ALL ASK ARENA TO RE-BORN IT, OR MAKE IT OPEN-SOURCE! Sign the Petition! :DBut it is a good idea to make 2nd life for old , but loved-by-all game

it can be financial success to them. Playing cards right.

Now they can consider 2nd life for gw1. Just need 1 open-minded smart man in management!

Refurnishing, polish, enhance.. the game has player base and almost all WHO PLAYED BEFORE will return to play new version.

Gaming world will be thrilled about this news. Selling GW1 Version II to new gamers as new game will make profit for the Company

C'mon people just imagine new life for gw1. It is much cheaper to redesign and extend existing game than to make new. I tell as a developer.

People still love gw1

and Arena with moderate efforts can make it almost like brand new game. People will return, Company can have profit.

I just know that 2nd life for gw1 , implemented right, will benefit both - players and the Company!

GW1 is already the Known Brand.

Rumor about re-birth would impact gaming world on internet

I truly have some unorthodox ideas to make it more playable and enjoyable

just need to reach some thinking decision maker among high management

its easier to enhance old but KNOWN and beloved game than make new one.

it will not be gw1 as now, but re-born which they can position as new game and sell (to new player)

It is doable, just lets not sit on our butt, but be active! Vote for changes! Even demand it :D

Traveller Warrior.
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It would be nice if gw1 got a remaster/remake; but its safe to assume Arenanet has allocated most of its resources/time to the current and the new expansion.Atm; Like all gamecompanies; choices need to be carefully made with the chaos that is Covid. they dont have the luxery to stray from their main goals.

GW1 has high nostalgia value for the old fans of the series ofcourse but majority has moved on to the current game; wich has become the replacement.Most new players dont start with GW1 (its "Old" for them and their friends play gw2 + you only ever see advertisement for GW2 only)

Nothing wrong with the idea to revive GW1 again for the greater good; but its just difficult to realise atm.

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