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Crash on change to Windowed Mode

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Hello everyone,

Currently, I can only run GW2 in fullscreen mode but want to run it in windowed mode to get SoftTH working.When I switch to windowed mode, this crash happens: Pastebin

The module that is responsible for the crash is nvd3dumx.dll (NVIDIA Windows WDDM D3D driver).

I have tried to repair the game, reinstall the game, update my graphics drivers and run windows update.None of these things fixed the issue.

My specs:Operating System: Windows 10 x64Processor/CPU: Intel® Core i7-7700HQ @2.80GHz, 4 coresVideo Card/GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1050Memory/RAM: 16GB DDR4

Any assistance in solving this issue is greatly appreciated.

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I have done a clean install of Windows 10 as dual-boot with my current Windows 10 installation (therefore having the exact same hardware), and GW2 worked in windowed mode. After restarting my laptop, however, Windows 10 installed updates (the installation image was a bit old) and GW2 crashed again when trying to run it in windowed mode.It is, therefore, quite clear that a Windows update broke something. But how to solve the arising issue I have yet to find out.

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