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To Kill a God glitch

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I have now completed to kill a god 3 times on my warrior; however, every time I finish this quest I get a time out error and it takes me back to character select. I have beat Balthazar once without using the sword and twice without dying to his ultimate skill and I cannot get these achievements because of this glitch. My internet is working fine and I have tried twice back to back and the third time on a totally different time yet this happened both times. I have finished other quests on other characters in between so I know it is not my internet.

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I had the same problem today, and it's years later. I even got the "who needs a magic sword?" achievement and I still got the network error and it put me right back to the beginning of the instance. After 3 times killing Balthazar, I quit. Been working on POF for a while now and it'd be nice to be able to finish.

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