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How to know which files the render service can provide?

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Hey everyone,

I'm having some trouble to figure out how to use the render service ( https://render.guildwars2.com ).I know that I can use the items endpoint to query items by id and then look at the "icon" property to get the signature and file-id for that item.

But what about icons that do not belong to items, let's say the icon for fury.My approach would be to use the skills endpoint to get some skill that applies fury, e.g. arcing slice. This gives me the url to the icon for fury.Problem ist I would have to find a skill for every buff/condition I need. And there are even special conditions like agony. Unless the skills endpoint includes enemy skills (yeah, I have not checked that yet), my approach would not work. Even if it works, it seems somewhat complicated and time-consuming to get the render urls like this.

So the question is, if there is an easy way get an overview of all the files the render service can provide?

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