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FPS Drops - No matter which Graphics Settings

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I started to have increased FPS drops throughout the World, It happens on lowest or highest settings at the same severity. I am not sure what's the root cause of these and seeking some solution.

-How does it happen?At the start of Vale Guardian Fight;When one goes to pull VG, my fps drops to 15 and stays there for up to 5 secs, no one is using any shiny skills or whatsoever but this still happens, I tried lowest or highest settings and it does not change the fact.

Mad King Clock Tower;Right before the JP starts and Game Client zooms us to preview Clock Tower, same fps drops happen, also it's a small instance but still when I am doing JP there are a lot of FPS stuttering. Again no matter which Graphics settings.

Game became unbearable to play for me, I thought my GPU is dying but then on other games I don't have such issues.

What I did try to prevent this?Clean installed GPU driver,Repaired game archiveReplaced TIM on CPU/GPU, including thermal pads.I ran your GW2 checkup application and it created a NetworkDiag.txt and I can share it privately.

It does not go away.

Thank you in advance.

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There is a known issue with the clock tower that if you get stuttering that it is desynced and you will not make the final jump. This may or may not be related to your other issues. I have noticed some strange frame rate issues as of late though. Once in a while with my laptop, GW2 with be pretty much hung, getting a frame rate of about 1 frame every 5 seconds. I nailed this down to something hammering the HDD. Once I log out and wait for the HDD to become unbusy, GW2 works just fine...well as fine as it works on my ancient laptop anyway. This behaviour has only started in the last month or so...could just as easily be something Windows 10 related.

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