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Defensive Support By Chrono


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Thing is i have legie armor and a Static to do fractals with but in the Second and third Boss of 100 cm we Need a prot to cover our pleb Asses. So what would be the minor dps loss Chrono going durability runes with ajustment to armor because of the mist potions or dropping empowerment on druid for Stone Spirit?

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Do you expect someone with exactly the same issue to come and offer their solution?

I'm a bit baffled by the question (or rather the need to ask the question).

How about you try both, read out arcdps and see what works best for your group.

The druid exchanging empowerment for stone spirit is way less hassle (and can be done on the fly) and will not interfere with his rotation and will be available on demand.

The chrono running durability runes and having to change gear specifically for 2 boss fights will be way more hassle and potentially less reliable.

Those 2 factors and how they affect the group dynamic are way more important than maybe a 5% difference in output.

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