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S/d weaver. Power/hybrid/condi

Fat Disgrace.4275

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So, I am not 100% sure what the weaver is deigned for as some of the power hits, don't hurt all that, but can do some nice dmg if combo'd with other skills or a set up. That being said, the only real condi dmg from ele is burning and bleeding, although them self's don't seem to a real threat with the amount of either condi cleansing or resistance flying about they do add some extra presure and ofc might stacks help everything in terms of dmg.

This is aimed at wvw roaming.

So what's best, I have 2 builds (gear) that I want to choose from but I only want to use 1.

Also may I add I wanted to use the weakness on duel attacks rarther than the +120 vitality trait while wielding a sword.More power basedhttp://gw2skills.net/editor/?vFAQJAsYncMA94iFOAeOA8RglTA7eMnmfzEHgAwCooEMC+AA-jVSHQBxTVlxt/AO1DAgHAgQVjoJK/EwJAIoqEUHlgBAQAuZbGADdoDdoDdo9dhmQTo38mJFwqDtA-w

More of a hybrid


What's your thoughts?

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Both builds are not really that different?

Anyways, think it's difficult in general to make a build balanced enough in which you want to have enough sustain and damage dealing abilities with weaver. Going hybrid makes it more difficult. Celestial is not bad, but still results in low damage. because it has low power and no condi duration.

I keep my hybrid viper weaver in PvE. I sometimes use sword in WvW, but not often. But when I do, it's just to mess around a little. I've got a guildmate who is seriously playing sword/dagger in WvW and is using more of a power build (no condi) and is doing well with it. It's probably much easier to build around power instead of adding condi to it.

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I've gone to this from what was previously more heal and condi heavy. You just can't balance as many stats as you need to and celestial just doesn't offer enough kill power. You'll survive power builds but not kill them and condi rules all, their pressure out does even the heaviest cleansing package.

This version brings more raw damage and plays off of lightning rod procs, interrupts, and air sigil procs. It's weaker to conditions, sword damage is still underwhelming, and mobility is bad. I've swapped in staff and d/d and the stat balance seems suitable to both, particularly as you get the different bonuses based on attune.


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