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Can anyone identify the dyes used on this armour?


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I finally have my first legendary armour piece. However, imagine my dismay when I discovered the colour was a default set of beiges: the legguards here: https://imgur.com/a/EG8C4hW

I was hoping the dyes were going to be those shown here, in the main picture on the top right: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Triumphant_Hero%27s_armor_(heavy)

The colours used have been lost in the mists of time.

Does anyone know what colours were used? I know that ambient lighting plays a role in how the colours appear, and I am happy to play around with various colours.

There's just so many reds, golds, bronzes, silvers, etc that the combinations would take forever.

If it helps, these are likely dyes that were in-game prior to 2016.

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I dont have any human heavy to compare with but for rare colors redemption for the yellow + blood for the red should come close to that... It really depend on the lighting because some colors that look great in preview will be too dark in reality.

Though I would recommend exclusive dies. Gold fusion for example creates a mix of black and gold.

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For the red and gold I think you could use whichever red or gold dye you prefer, I got pretty close with the one literally just called Red and Redemption for the gold.

The main colour is trickier. The closest I could find is actually Dijon, which is a dark yellow. But I recommend experimenting with yellows, oranges and browns to see which you think is the closest or which you like best.

Alternatively if you want to know exactly the screenshot was uploaded (and presumably taken) by a Wiki user called Chieftain Alex who seems to still be quite active, you could ask on their userpage to see if they remember which dyes it was.

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