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Question about 2V2 Arena

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Hey guys,I'm quite new to the 2V2 Arena. Since i do PvP i play the Spellbreaker - Healbraker support/Heal Warrior in PvP. I'm not sure if support is a good choice in 2V2. I did 13 Matches with random partners yet and won about 8 or 9 of em, if i got a Teammate that knows how to play his char. Some Teammates i lost the rounds with was so mad and told me "Who the f*ck plays support in 2V2?! and Learn to play" O.oMy main function is to take boons from the enemies, Stun and interrupt them while giving my Teammate boons for dps, Cleansing and of course healing them up.

So.. i'm not sure if Support is a good choice in 2V2? What do you guys think?

Excuse my english, it's not my first language ^^

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@RedAvenged.5217 said:It’s very strong until the map mechanic. Ofc you aren’t gonna carry much without a premade unless ur a mechanic beast but yes it’s very good in 2v2sAh okay, that's good to know! So they were just upset of a loose against a more skilled player/team ^^ Thanks for the quick help mate! Happy Christmas to you!

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