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[NA][WvW][YB][Raid] Join [PTV] Pain Train Vanguard, a YB WvW FIGHT guild focused on TIGHT STACKS


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[PTV] Pain Train VanguardJoin [PTV] Pain Train Vanguard, a Yak's Bend WvW FIGHT guild focused on TIGHT STACKS, dmg/sup builds, zerg busting and organized team play. DISCORD REQ.(to listen). We also run raids. Based in EST but later in the afternoon so west coast friendly. We are a growing guild looking for more members. We like to run a pretty tight stack but it's a laid back experience. Accepting all skill levels but please have an interest in improving! Great place to learn if you're a beginner or get some bags if you're a veteran. Absolutely 0 harassment tolerated.

What we require

  • A thirst for bags
  • Tight stacks on tag
  • Discord(to listen. Don't have to talk)
  • fun

What we don't require

  • no rep requirement(except when in squad)
  • No skill level requirement
  • No sweaty meta build requirements(filling needed comp a plus)

Schedule ESTMonday/Wed: 7pm Raids then 9pm WvWFriday: Reset WvWSat: 3pm WvW

Please whisper one of us if you're interested in fighting with the Vanguard!DSKmedia.8210Swoletergeist.1927bigdawg.9837

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