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possible idea for a bow elite spec


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I think it would be nice to have a weapon that would fit elementalist while also being two-handed, as both of the previous specs introduced an off-hand and a main-hand weapon respectively. Elementalist's ranged weapons, for the most part, are focused on bombing a specific area with aoe abilities that have to be manually placed on the field. The only exception, sort of, is scepter, but that's more medium range and used for burst-combos. I think it would be nice to have a weapon that can do sustained, single-target damage at long range. I think the longbow is best suited for this, and fits more for elementalist than rifle. If there is any aoe-esque ability, it should be one that explodes out from a single target. The argument could be made that conjures, in this case the ice bow, makes a dedicated longbow redundant, but I disagree, as that weapon is limited in it's capabilities due to a lack of kit variety granted by attunements, is temporary, and features an odd blend of shortbow and longbow skills. If skills like what I mentioned above are made for it, a true longbow can be unique in its own right for eles.

for an idea relating to the spec itself, perhaps the mechanic could turn attunements into an ammo skill of sorts - you could invoke the attunement a few times while attuned for boons, effects, and a reasonable buff to whatever stats, depending on the attunement. The cost for this will be a gradually increasing attunement cooldown, with the aforementioned wearing off if not continually invoked from the attunements. This could help solo-ele's in whatever gamemode with self-boon generation and might synergize well with the arcane tree, and perhaps the new pyromancer's puissance.

what do you folks think? Flaws? Possible improvements?

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@"Rootlei.4781" said:The only exception, sort of, is scepterDragon's Tooth, Phoenix, Shatterstone and Water Trident are ground-targetted Aoe, making it hardly any different in that regard.It should not considered to be "sort of" an exception.

The argument could be made that conjures, in this case the ice bow, makes a dedicated longbow redundantThere is no actual argument here.The Frost Bow is a Shortbow, not a Longbow.

As for the idea in general, it's time Elementalist gets an Elite Specialization that favours camping one Attunement,rather than the frequent switching that Tempest and Weaver already do.

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