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@"Epiq.1239" said:Hey all im just getting started with the game and was wondering what server i should choose to get started ( american server ) thanks alot

servers do not matter that muchthey used to, but then when the first population hit occurded (less active numbers, not enough active population per server to warrant smooth play in big events etc etcthey merged all servers in pve into "megaservers"

megaservers are all servers combined (eu and na still seperate tho) so that servers are replaced with maps, that are now easier to fill with people from different servers.

server nowadays only matters in world versus world, where you fight for your server against different servers (and even there for wvw when the whole restructure comes server will mean little with the alliance system an the likes)

tldr play where you want, you'll play with friends anyway just wvw can be an exclusion

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@Loosmaster.8263 said:

@Veprovina.4876 said:Also, if you have a free account and later upgrade to full, you get 1 free server transfer i think.But like @melandru.3876 said, unless you're playing WvW, it doesn't matter.

FTP can't post on this forum.

But if OP was FTP, then bought the game and posted on the forum, OP might have a server transfer available.Still, it doesn't matter because, like said, servers only matter for WvW and everything else is played on a megaserver.

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