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Unable able to buy gems. "This offer is currently not available. Please try again later"

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Hello. I have been trying to figure out why I am unable to buy gems from gem store ingame. The stores nearby where I live stopped carrying the cards due to low sales of the cards. Trying to buy gems to convert to gold, but have been unable to figure out what the issue is for the entire day. If anyone has any insight that could help or a clear reason what the issue is I would highly appreciate either. Thanks for reading and merry Christmas!

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@TheQuickFox.3826 said:

@Lucio.4190 said:Are trying to buy lots of gems?I think there's a limit of 2000 (or is it 4000?) gems each purchase.

I don't think so. In the past I purchased 8000 gems in one transaction (In-game shop, PayPal) with no problem. The shop would not offer 8000 gems for sale if the transaction would not support it.

Could it have changed? I tried buying 8000, and received the same message. Then I can't remember if I tried 4000 or 2000, but it was enough to buy all Living World Seasons. That worked.It was a couple of months ago.

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