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PvP Game Mode - Battle Royal - GW2 Hunger Games


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So I was recently thinking about the different PvP gamemodes Guild Wars 1 used to offer - one of them was Alliance Battles in Cantha - basically the precursor of WvW just on a smaller map and that exact map size got me thinking about how cool a battle royal mode could have been played on there and how Guild Wars 2 still lacks a PvP game mode where you don‘t have to rely on the performance of your team, but can score well by playing well yourself

Basically - 30 to 50 people get spawned on a big, but not too big map - ruins, a deep forest, the desert or an island - and have to start and try to take each other out until one person is left, while keeping it as „vanilla“ as possible - meaning no map mechanics like supplies, buffs or PvE mobs like in the stronghold game mode - but still implementing something that discourages ganking and teaming up too much (for expample as double or triple Thief) - by maybe removing names & guildtags during matches, random spawn locations etc. ArenaNet could also add cool jumping puzzles to get away fast if you are skilled, places to hide, high mountains where you can throw people off, little islands between lava that damages you if you fall in, small places with portals that can be locked once entered (like a trap) to have close combat fights - there is alot of potential if done right and kept as PvP‘ish as possible. A huge reason why the Stronghold Gamemode never really picked off was the amount of PvE that it involved.

If we could get something like that, it would give us something new and exciting to try out and it would perfectly fit into a new expansion (together with Hall Of Heroes as a conquest map hopefully). I would probably play the mode everytime I get tilted from conquest

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