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How do you use ram skill no.1?


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I don't even care what class or build I am on. If there is an open ram and none others to build I go for it because I am apparently 1 in 10 in players who knows how to use the vulnerability skill off cooldown while keeping skill 1 going consistently.

For catas I just hold the shoot button while looking around for players looking to disable and treb/mortar shots incoming.

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@ArchonWing.9480 said:

@ArchonWing.9480 said:Can't break into SMC inner without 'em. Well I guess you can.

Siege golems would like to know your location.8

Oh right, do those come with an auto?

yeah usually a kitten sits inside that aims to kill the NPCs with it instead of 1111ing the gate.

besides, i saw a sad amount of ppl using catapults to open the SM inner gates in the last months.

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