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Offensive Defense now gone, we need Survivability


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So Scourge had this weird way of survival where it was simply a matter of kill them, before they kill you. Often Necros are forced into this particular set of Offensive Defense. Offensive Defense has been a main-staple. However, when our Offensive part of our defense is lacking we fast become sitting ducks. Scourges loss of shroud is now extremely evident as I will live far longer on my reaper and DPS wise I do the same almost more damage in WvW. It is easy for anyone to kite a scourge as our teleport skill is short range, and our run speed skill is very low duration. Our mobility is worse than before and frankly our utility bar cant support two mobility skills that arent strong. We have to choose one and the barrier given out on the portal is so nonessential its laughable.

I can agree that attrition is a cool ideal, out-living and killing your enemy slowly, but this original concept for Necro that has carried through the expansions is very situational in combat, Alot of fights just don't last that long, and often times for Scourge-necro in general now our survivability due to lack of defensive options has dropped over the years. It is strange to nerf Condition Clear on a class that is meant to be support. It is strange to reduce the time of a protective yet damaging Shade. Yet if I go to my traits and pick all the more survivable lines If I am tanky enough I may survive yes, but I don't contribute. I don't really want to be the last man standing because the people around me I did not support.

Not contributing on a support class when other support classes can both damage and heal, is not needed. This invariably makes us unable to truly attrition other classes, which is skillful play, as Attrition requires a certain amount of survivability.

Our Stability is horrible, condition clear is okay, our mobility is still lacking, we don't block, we don't heal well, and barrier is often gone before you even notice its there.

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We need Survivability on all our builds since release..... we were allways the 1st to blow up in Competitive modes because we are the easiest target to take down....

We cant run away...We don't have a Bunch off defensive abilities we can rotate arround ....

Necros are Sitting Ducks with Raw HP as the only defense.....And its clear that its not working............

sure we got bubbles now.... but that is Worse then what we had... and what we had was already bad.....Yes talking about shroud.... that defensive ability that any decent player will just Dance/kite/laugh around while chipping down from range while ALSO degenerates automatically then Leave you without any other means of defense for 10 entire seconds......

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