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Launchpad to Garden often missing in Home instance


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wanna know if anyone's experiencing the same bug that the launchpad to the garden in the home instance (Divinity's Reach) is often missing.

Bought one Black Lion Garden Plot Deed some years ago and the launchpad was always there.Then I did Chef 500 when it was available and which gave me 4 additional plots - and that's when the problems started.In the beginning the launchpad was missing sometimes, since 2-3 months it's missing every second day and the last 4 days I haven't seen it at all -so getting worse.I should also mention that I'm doing the daily gathering in the home instance NOT with my chef but another character - but that shouldn't make a difference.It's just a bit of nuisance because the route for gathering all home instance nodes takes longer without the launchpad.

Merry Xmas

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