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A good build for Holosmith

Droflet ecnal.3078

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I want to know what is a good build for a Holosmith, for open world and for fractal and raids. I am a complete noob at this game and i get through fights by sheer luck and button mashing. My current build is here: gw2skills.net/editor/?PegAw6lVw6YJMGWJOsPlvTA-zxQYikg+aUAFCYcEBSFBhkDA-e. I want to know how i can improve my build and get better at the game

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Fixed it really quick for you. Note that this is only for open world.http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PegAw6lVw6YJMGWJOsPlvTA-zxQYikg+aUAFCYcEBSFBhkDA-e

Utility skills:Healing turret is the best healing skill for engineer and works as a condi cleanse as well, if you get more xperienced with fghts you can use AED instead which has given me better results in openworld.Rifle Turret is used mostly for the toolbelt skill Surprise Shot, turrets overall are really lackign and don't offer much, so if you want to pick one, pick rifle turret.Make sure you use Hard Light Arena above 50 heat, its a really good source of protection as long as you fight inside the arena, the toolbelt skill is a pull, useful to cleave things with your photon forge.Elixir U is mostly for self quickness, you can burst down enemies with these 6 seconds of quickness and photon forge.

Traits:Explosives focuses on putting Vulnerability on enemies and giving you an overall damage boost.Firearms helps you with your critical chance, as well as Fury uptime, grants you ferocity (which results in stronger critical attacks).On Holosmith trait line I changed your Crystal Configuration Storm to Eclipse, the barrier you get with your corona burst (holo 3 ) is really strong and helps you stay alive for longer.

Equipment:Don't go full defensive, take advantage of the damage Holosmith puts by gearing up the most power precision ferocity you can. You have a lot of surival skill and traits and you shoudl always aim to burst enemies down, Holosmith is the king of cleave, you can anihilate groups of enemies in seconds with this build.The gear stat to go is Berserk but you can also get Marauder for that extra vitality. Don't doubt on mixing some pieces with toughness or vitality as long as you have some power and precision in it.

Make sure you always start fights with photon forge and holo3, and deactive photon mode if youre about to overheat, then follow with your sword skills and use sword2 as many times as you can, enter photon forge again when youre below 100 heat.


For raids and fractals however, check the links Infusion.7149 gave you. you need to follow these guides and practice your rotation and improve your damage on the golem since these are endgame fights.

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@"DKRathalos.9625" said:What about WvW build for Holosmith? If there is zerg build power based I would like to know :)Usually it's scrapper for large-scale (even DPS scrapper brings superspeed). Holosmith works in large scale but it isn't a "necessity" or "requested" class.

You can try running the grenade holo in small scale but I would recommend a mortar kit instead of Elixir X , cleansing sigil (which is far stronger in WVW than PVP) : https://www.godsofpvp.net/builds/engineerhttps://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Holosmith_-_Explosive_Roamer <-- this isn't as good an idea IMO because of no reach if someone is outright ranging you. You end up relying on the Holo Leap gap closer

see also October AT



edit: keep in mind both grenades and mortar are projectiles. That is why large scale gameplay scrappers were using bomb kit/ flamethrower.

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