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New player trying to find his way in GW2 while used to WoW

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Hello peeps,

I'm a long time WoW player. Currently only playing retail and raiding Naxx, but sometimes it's good to play something else. When GW2 came out I played for a couple of weeks and then returned to WoW. This has happened to me with a dozen other MMO's. A while back I had some WoW fatique and needed something else as a backup. It's safe to say that GW2 is the best option out there. It's casual friendly, it looks amazing and it has a good story. But now I'm at the point I'm a bit lost and need some help. The only reference I have is WoW when it comes to gearing and moving forward in the game and on those compartments you simply cannot compare these two MMO's.

So here's the situation. I decided to start all over again and start with a warrior. I am now lvl 80 and bought full Berserker gear with karma. I finished the core game and am now well into the HoT storyline. How do I move forward in this game gearwise? All I know is to attend the raids, kill bosses, hope for my loot to drop and spend DKP. That's what keeps me going. That constant desire to show up in hopes of getting another piece of gear, killing new bosses and advacing to more difficult raids. But in GW2 I now have a full exotic set, that as far as I know is good enough for end game content like lower tier fractals. So what goals are left? What am I supposed to do now? Is all that's left finding ways to obtain Ascended gear, complete masteries and maps and try to obtain dyes and outfits for looks? Or am I overlooking something that could keep me going? I was also wondering if it's worth doing all the LW chapters. I need 200 gems for every chapter which is a bit expensive as I don't have mountains of gold. For the icebrood saga for example I only have the last 2 available. All the other chapters have to be bought. That's a lot of gems.

Like I said, all I know is how this works in WoW, so for this MMO I need to adjust my mindset. But after so many years of WoW it's a bit hard to do. I hope you can help me clear this up a bit for me. What can I do to keep me going forward and are all the LW chapters worth spending gems on or just a select few with good gear at the end?

Thx in advance :)

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As a former WoW player myself, I know how you feel. It makes no sense! How can you play a game like this if you aren't playing for stat upgrades? I guess what I found out is that playing a game purely for stat upgrades doesn't make any more or less sense than playing a game for mastery skill unlocks and cosmetics. What matters is if I enjoy the gameplay.

On the living world chapters you don't have to buy them all at once. I advise playing through them one at a time. There are plenty of achievements, skins, and masteries to unlock in these episodes so by the time you dig into that you should earn enough gold to convert to gems and buy the next episode.

I guess the question is do you find it worthwhile? Or is not having that stat upgrade to keep you going a deal-breaker for you?

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Thank you for your reaction.

I guess when I reach the latest content and have my professions in order, it will become easier to make gold to get gems in order to play all the chapters. I completely agree with what you said about the progression. There are many forms of progression and one doesn't make any more sense then the other. It's just a different take on progression. All I know is progression in the form of better gear and stats to take on more difficult bosses and raids. I guess it will also become more clear when I reach the content of the PoF part and the Icebrood saga. Now, when I go from story to story and from map to map I see so much different currency flying at me that it's a lot to take in. What currency is worth my time and effort and what can I skip etc. But I guess it will become more calm when done it all. All the gear I get from those chests in HoT for example have lots of gear. But I have Berserker set so what do I need it for? Now I just throw the yellow and orangy like gear in the forge.

I'll continue with the story and try to lvl my professions and see where things go and how much becomes more clear :)

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If you consider WoW a gear grind through instanced content, then GW2 is a collection grind through open world content. Yes there is PvP and WvW as well as 5 and 10 man end game content but, the majority of the game is catered to casual open world gameplay. The 'collections' are what most achievements are based around and one of the driving forces behind the game. You can get Gearing, Titles, Mastery Points etc through the various collections, as well as Achievement Points, which some people focus on itself.

As you already have exotic gearing, there are two directions you can take your gear. Either upgrade to Ascended or Legendary gear (both offer a minimal stat boost over Exotic) or start looking at alternate stat sets. You might want to experiment with your build and different stat sets can augment those builds better than Berserkers will (thinking Condi related stuff as an easy example).

Regarding Living World chapters, they do go on sale periodically so, you can look for that and buy accordingly. Alternately, you could buy them as you want to complete them. Buying a LW chapter is currently 200 gems or converted about 75 Gold. Some players will periodically convert Gold to Gems to keep until something like the LWS Chapters go on sale.

You may not be able to farm that kind of gold currently but, as you complete the stories, you will gain a lot of materials and other items that can be sold on the trading post and generate very good funds. It can also be as simple as hitting up Silverwastes for a RIBA farm (which you should try out as map meta events are a great way of farming). A couple hours in a map meta can generate very good funds (Look at Auric Basin, Drizzlewood, Silverwastes as meta you currently have access to that can offer different play experiences but good rewards).

Outside of Open World, PvP, WvW, Raids and Fractals all offer different paths for exploring the game and your chosen profession. These areas can also be rewarding to get involved in and may inform your choice of profession progress as the builds you use outside of Open World content tends to matter a bit more.

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I figured that buying a chapter at a time is more expensive than buying the whole LW package. You'll save about 200 gems.The gems could be acquired by paying some real money, or farming gold and then convert the gold to gems (as @Mungo Zen.9364 suggests).Living World are a great addon to the story and I really loved them, but they will also help you farm some really rare materials.The stories in general will also help you rearrange your gear and skills to adapt your character evolve into something better. The original story is very easy compared to HoT, huge step there.

What new goals to set from here? I guess you could try out crafting, levelling up your character to be able to create the gear you want. I think you'll recognise that process from WoW, with all the farming and stuff. I reached Level 500 for Armorsmithing pretty fast, and when being able to create Exotics, you can start making money if you get your hands on specific recipes. ;)

Someone also mentioned the collections. There's always a collection you could try and complete, getting some valuable reward.I've finished a couple of collections, but at first been focusing on map completion with all the Mastery Insights, to get all the Master Points needed for the Mastery Skills.The Meta Events are perfect for gathering lots of chests with materials and the local currency.

What I loved with GW2 and especially PvE, are all the friendly players and the casual attitude. Lots of times that I've seen people taking a break from the ritual grinding, jump down from their mounts and help me with a Hero Challenge.

Anyhow.. Warm welcome to GW2 and I hope we'll be able to make you feel like this is home.

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Many good advice. As for the price of the living world chapters. Buying them in bundles is cheaper. But also keep in mind that buying the gems with real money supports the game. As you came from WoW, you are used to pay for a game you play. As with GW2 this is not mandatory, but it still makes sense as it helps them in gaining a bit of money. But then again, I can not see inside your wallet and it is still only optional.

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Anet also gives gems with certain achievement point boxes - I think it is the 5k, 10k, and so on boxes that you get 400 or 500 gems. I know when I started playing 5 years ago I hadn't bought any gems and then one day I had 400 or 500. Some investigating led me to discovering that they came from hitting one of the AP reward levels.

I never played WoW - Ultima Online burnt me so bad that I swore off MMO's forever, I even picked up GW1 several times at the store and then put it back because it was an MMO - but, a couple of times when I found myself at a loss as to what to do next, I went achievement hunting. Have you completed the collection for Princess (bloodstone dust eater), Herta (HoT bloodstone eater) or the Star of Gratitude (empyreal fragment eater)? How about your elite spec weapons? Have you given any other professions a shot?

Creating an account over on gw2efficiency.com and plugging in your API key will let you really datamine your GW2 account for achievement and other information that will expand your horizons on what to do inside GW2.

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