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[Video] Weaver vs Scourge / Cellofrag vs Hollts : The Duel.


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Hi everyone.

Here is a duel I had versus a famous necro/reaper/scourge : youtube : HOLLTS.It was really hard and close : final score is 3-3 !

This video was made BEFORE Scourge nerf.
As you can see my sword weaver has a lot of sustain/cleanse/ my DPS is low but enough to manage some kills while surviving to massive burst conditions & boon corruption.

My build is in my previous video, only 2 change : Swapping Last Weaver Trait to more condiclean, instead of Barrier on Dodge + using the cantrip « Purify Fire » to clean more condition.

Hope you enjoy this video !

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@Laken.4056 said:Nice video, that is a famous scourge though? Doesn't look like he knows what hes doing.

He’s a well known EU roamer. I started watching the video but got distracted by the finals of the paint drying contest, fortunately they were still dancing around the pillars for me to catch the end.

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