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Completely on the fly 1v1 first to 3 wins tourney starting soon

Trevor Boyer.6524

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We're doing this 1v1 first to 3 wins, swap your build in between rounds just like in 2s and 3s, in asuran arena.

Last minute thing but it's happening like right now.


Testing to see how much interest is in 1v1 currently, and if the format is fun.

No need for critique about small streaming thank you very much. This is for fun, for the community, and for Arenanet's feedback concerning 1v1 formats.

~ Hosted by The Kush Lab [TKL] btw.

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Finals just ended. Tourney complete. The 1v1s are fun. The format works.

Balance isn't AS MUCH of an issue as you'd think, when you can swap builds to create counters in between rounds.

Ranger is dominant in 1v1s though. There is a lot of swap power within the Ranger class for a ruling like this as it is the most diverse class with what options it can utilize to make random builds that actually work. Ranger may have no chemistry for team synergy support in 2s and 3s, but it's really strong in 1v1 in these arenas.

Everything else seems fairly balanced when the over time mechanic is in place. It puts a serious drawback for stating low damage high sustain and encourages more high risk high reward builds.

Furthermore, the play style is just a lot different than 5v5 or 3v3 or even 2v2. People had fun and Arenanet should consider at least giving 1v1 mini season a chance. If people could queue 1v1s like this, they would.

This format is surprisingly fun with build template play.

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