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Deadeye Burst Roaming build.


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@"reib.6589" said:This build looks too swap intensive and melee hibrid. I prefere to stay full ranged if possible.

You can just run another rifle, then. All the big ideas for Shadow Arts are there. Playing double rifle does mean you're going to have a hard time cracking builds with a lot of reflect uptime, as well as dueling other thieves. It's not a total dead end but you're trading a lot of versatility for sigil effects.

If you want less Shadow Arts, just take Vallun's Crit Strikes build. (You will absolutely need a melee set in that case.)

@"anduriell.6280" said:Did you check out this build?https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Deadeye_-_SA_Rifle_Roamer

I personally would use Valkyrie / Zerker set instead marauder but that build is better for beginners

Valkyrie is quite weak for modern thieves, imo. You absolutely want 95-100% crit chance (after Signet and Fury) since that's central to Deadeye resource management, and any build that tries to guarantee sneak-attack crits with Hidden Killer would be getting bigger, more reliable damage running Practiced Tolerance + No Quarter instead.

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