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Profitable pvp track reward(which one) 2020


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Hi guys. First of all, I know nothing about the game . I started to play pvp ( unranked ) just to find a class for myself but I ended with only doing pvp .

I want to know if there is a profitable track, with gold or something useful in future for myself , no skins if cannot be sold . For now I finished the one from the event, but seems it has no use for me (boosters for lvl 80 when my hightest lvl is about 20, seems useless ). And I finished 2 times the one with black/green box with a skull (forgot the name...) ,the track gives a lot of crafting materials and I have no idea about what to do with them( just spamming Deposit all materials -_-) and the box gives an armor piece of my choice .... all I can see is random item names .

Any suggestion is welcome. Ty

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I'd probably start with the reward tracks which give a Black Lion Key...


And generally the one-time only tracks. Some give special rewards, skins and stuff, which might not be profitable in selling but easy and fun rewards. After you have done all the one-time only reward tracks and it is only about the repeatable ones... no idea tbh. I am currently stacking Desert Armor Boxes for no real reason...

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