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Event assistant is missing

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After i start my icebrood story the Event assistant is missingany way to get it back?I have restart my computer and my game. And I never change my Content Guide setting. The setting is always Default.And I have got some Achievement on my watch list too + the daily Achievements( Daily WvW PVP) are also missing.i dont know if I have any filter but I click on [Clear All filters] and nothing change...

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Open your options > general options > Content Guide

In here select which content is tracked in the upper right corner of GUI. By default, prioritizes personal story, then events, then undiscovered map locations.Drop-down options include "Default", "None" (disabled), "Disable Personal Story" (events then undiscovered map), and "Hide Events and Personal Story" (only undiscovered map).

You want to have it on default for content guide and so on to show. If this does not show for you, then try change it to Off, and then back on Default.

Another thing to look at is Dynamic HUD in options (this can also make your UI disappear). So toggle between the options there till it may pop back (i think the "always show" is the normal default one).

If none of the above works you could try a -repair or maybe a clear cache may work.

Am not behind my pc to check so doing this by remembering by hard. Hope you can resolve your issue. If none of this works, poke back so maybe someone else can assist.

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