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All Guild Chat needs a fix

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Hi, I have been asked by your CS team to post this here, anyway its been bothering me. A fix would have been appreciated.

Can the GW2 team please update the wikipedia page and test the new codes before changing the wiki page.It was changed before, both new and old codes does not work.

Please look into this./g1-5 or /g1-g5/all guildJust one that will work please.

I am talking about guild chats Guild 1 to Guild 5. This should be a code to communicate into all 5 guild at once.

Thanks and do advise the right code to use.

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As Linken points out, the Anet dev team isn't responsible for the management of the Guild wars 2 Wiki site, as with most Wiki's they are curated and by edited by players.to try and address your issue, the chat command "/g1-5", "/g1-g5", and "/all guild" aren't valid command, the correct commands are

  • /g (to talk to your currently represented guild)
  • /g1 (to talk to your first guild)
  • /g2 (to talk to your second guild)
  • /g3 (to talk to your third guild)
  • ect, seriously i'm not going to type them all out

you'll be able to see guild chat from any of the guilds you're currently a member off, with a colour change to the text depending on whether you are currently representing that guild or not(gold or pale gold, respectively). afaik, there is no chat command to talk to all your guilds at once, doing this would be very confusing , as you might accidentally use said command to have a conversation with one specific guild and have people from your other guild(s) see the message without any context.

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In past I have seen somebody edited as /G1-5 and then /G1-g5 after I communicated with CS team.I tried both and they don't work. So somebody has to take that out of wiki.

Nevertheless can we have a /G1-5 or a function like that. Instead of manually repeating to 5 guilds.Think about it when you need players for an event, and you want pass off this chance to guild mates before going to lfg

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I do realize what I'm typing now is a workaround but you do know you can get your last message back by pressing the UP key while in chat Window right?So what you can do to relay the message to multiple guilds:

  1. Send the message to the guild you are representing (/g [message])
  2. Press ENTER, UP, HOME, /G2, SPACE, Press ENTER again (aka 8 keypresses a extra guild you want to send a message)
  3. Repeat for G3 till G5

I do know it would be QOL to have that function but imo not as important as fixing all the bugs they are introducing each time they reintroduce an event, recycling old spaghetti code....

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