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Is your new years' resolution to get good?


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It doesn't matter -> I've been matched with as many as 3 bots in a row. It feels really bad if you've won a round or two solo basically and you still lose and your rank keeps collapsing. I was thinking about still doing a few matches a week after ascension, but this 2v2 cesspool has me second guessing that. 20 more wins...

O yeah it's freaking beautiful when the enemy team just waits for your stealth to pop, like they know the bot isn't going to hurt them because it's wearing a clerics or something. This entire game mode is a BS cesspool. The only potential fix I can think of is to nerf the gold reward on ranked, possibly merge its queue with normal. I would think botting in open world would be more productive, even with DR compared to reward tracks, but knowing how toxic and insane some people are, I'm not sure that's enough.

And this is all Arenanet's fault. They just aren't strict enough/good enough at catching this BS, so it kills the population, but then they'll turn around and be like "no one plays PVP" in their comments, it's gaslighting BS.

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