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Quick question for 100CM HFB


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@Meenu.4608 said:Why is Sanctuary so much needed in this fractal? I get that when u run in a group of 4 CFB + HB and everyone takes Sanc u can cheese a lot of the beams,

You don't take sanctuary for the beams. You avoid, dodge or aegis the beams.

@Meenu.4608 said:but someone pointed me that it is needed for the sorrows.Can anyone explain?


Scroll down to Ward skills which do 150 break bar damage, read the part about sanctuary:

Sanctuary (hits up to 5 times)

Do simple math: 5 x 150 = 750As such 1 properly placed Sanctuary will do 750 defiance bar damage.

Read up on the Sorrow in 100 CM further down:

Sunqua Peak Fractal (Challenge Mote) Ai, Keeper of the Peak Sorrow None 1500 10 seconds Interrupts the cast of the deadly spell and defeats Sorrowhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Defiance_bar

Realize that 2 Firebrands with Sanctuary will do 1,500 defiance bar damage at 900 range without moving, easily clearing out a Sorrow.


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