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Revenant Attack Animation Sound - Request to Change Please!


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Hello,First of all I want to say well done to the development team on the creation of the revenant class. It is incredibly fresh and fun to play, so much so that after making one I went ahead and bought a level 80 boost and got to grinding. Every aspect of the class I love, except for one thing. Pretty quickly I noticed that the basic attack animation sound is an incredibly loud WHUUUSH sound and it triggers constantly.

This sound is almost an endless loop of WHUUUSH WHUUUSH WHUUUSH on the first ability (number 1) and seems to trigger with almost every other ability as well. I tested it out and it seems that every single weapon the revenant uses (including picked up weapons in the world like rocks and pickaxes) use the same sound constantly. The only exception is the short bow. Within a few hours of playing it became incredibly frustrating and grating to listen to, I even tried turning off the sound effects in the settings, which helped except that it muted every sound effect in the game along with it. The abilities that don't rely on a weapon and instead on your legendary stances do not have this issue, they are all unique sound effects that sound quite nice. I tested my other classes just to make sure I wasn't hearing things and all of the other classes have fairly quiet attack animation sounds that fit more with the actions taking place. The guardian and warrior handle this perfectly with their attack animation sounds, they are simple and can only really be heard if you pay attention. The revenant class sound is jarring however, as a simple stab with a sword creates the WHUUUSH sound that overpowers everything else being heard.

I looked at some other posts online about this issue and saw numerous complaints, some even dating back 4 years ago. Many people seem to agree with me on this matter and I saw that some simply decided they could not play the revenant class because of it, which is a shame because it is so fun. I understand that this may not bother everyone the same way, but to me and many others it is incredibly taxing to listen to and really saps the enjoyment from playing the class. It would not be much of an issue if it was only one weapon, but it seems to be the case for all except the shortbow. I do not know how easy it would be to fix this or if it is even possible to create new sounds at this point, but even just swapping in the weapons swinging sounds from the guardian or warrior would fix the issue immediately. Again this is just for the standard weapon basic attacks and abilities WHUUUSH sound, not for any other revenant sounds. Thanks for your time in reading this.

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Yes please! 100% agree. I had to stop playing the revenant class because the sound effect was so offputting which is a shame because I was really enjoying it. It doesn’t need to be replaced with something unique or time-consuming, please just give us the option to exchange the revenant auto swing sound effect with the basic warrior sound effect.

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Oh wow! I totally was coming to the Rev forum to post this exact topic! I love just about everything in regards to the Revenant class, except for this!! It doesn't even sound like a natural sound at all! I really think if they need the weapon swings to sound different than what all other classes sound like, make it sound something like swinging a torch that's on fire. But really, just give us the same sound effect that Warrior's use, seriously that one is good.

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Sound design is important. I've tuned out a lot of revenant sounds after 800+ hours on it, love the class, but I do recall annoyances with legend-swapping sounds and certain louder skills. 

The GW2 community has been begging for ways to tone down annoying audiovisual stimuli since launch. It would definitely be a worthy development goal.

  • Open world group events are notoriously impossible to see what's going on - ground indicators go out the window, good luck even finding your character
  • Supernova characters infusion-stacking to eye-bleeding extents is a common pet peeve
  • Sound 'pollution' from minis, infusions, certain NPCs, etc can break immersion or simply be too repetitive
  • Certain classes, weapons, and abilities may be too loud (Revenant legend swap sounds were really bad, I think they updated this recently tho?)
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