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Returning player looking for casual guild, all modes


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Hi, Thanks to COVID, I've found myself with a little more free time than I used to have, so I came back to GW2. I've mostly been doing PVE, but i'm interested in Raids and fractals if a guild is willing to teach. I generally only have an hour or two a day to play. (I have two kids that need some attention). I'm currently maining a condi soulbeast, and daredevil thief. I'm currently on Borliss Pass, but don't really know anyone there anymore, so am happy to move servers.

Let me know if you have a place for me! Also, feel free to ask for more information.

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@"DrTalos.7486" said:sorry, i'm NA!

Hiya, DrTalos! I think you might be interested in the guild I lead, Café Solidarity. We're an NA, PvX guild that teaches raids and Fractals. Our Raids And Strikes (RAS) Group does raid training every Saturday, and we love teaching people! We also have a regular Tier 1 & 2 Fractal event, plus opportunities for spontaneous, higher-level Fractals for when people want.

If you'd like more information on us, you can check out our recruitment post, or you can feel free to message me in game (I check there more than I check here).

We don't have any activity requirements, so maybe you would like us! :)

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