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AT (Balthazar's Brawl)

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This AT crashed last night, and somehow 2 teams are still contenders, so the tournament did not open today, no one could enroll, and it did not fix itself after it should have started.

Please fix and implement a validation check to prevent it happening again. It is quit frustrating to have rushed and planned to be on for this particular tournament and get a group, only to find you cannot even enroll.

I'm not even sure how 2 teams are still "contenders." The two finalist teams are both "eliminated" after players eventually logged off or left the party (I know because I was in one of them).

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Hello, before I submit a ticket, can anyone tell me what we did wrong to be dropped? We were enrolled, no one left, and we placed in the quarterfinals with only ten teams. We were so stoked! How could we be eliminated before the first round even happened?
Another team I was in for the Tournament of Legends also got dropped. However, a member had to leave after we enrolled. After we got another member, we were not prompted to enroll again. So I can see how without the original team enrolled we would be dropped. It was a disappointment but it made sense and we noted it for the next time. This time it doesn't make sense.

Edit: I submitted a ticket and was advised to move this here.

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