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Spirit of the Wild Gathering Tools Final Strike Issue


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I've noticed when harvesting my home instance that the new (gorgeous) spirit of the wild tools sometimes will not deliver the final strike. This happens even without touching any buttons that may cancel it (weapon swap, movement, or even refiring the gather animation for rich nodes). Can anyone else confirm that this is happening?

Additionally gathering strikes and animation timings for the mining and logging tools feel much slower than most other infinite tools, and even the basic unskinned tools. I cannot confirm this either, but I'd wanted to make mention of it.

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@"Ashnod.4365" said:Probably the same issue as: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Choya_Logging_ToolI hope it's only one of the gathering tools (aka or logging or mining not both). This because of that Choya Logging Tool this has been an issue ever since it was introduced (aka don't expect it to be fixed ever it's why I'm not using that tool anymore).

Ah yes that sounds exactly like the issue I've noticed. Thanks! And I've only noticed it on the logging axe (the coolest of the three sadly).

But I've run the Dreamcleaver Axe, Molten Mining Pick and Consortium Harvesting Sickle ever since they were released, but these Spirits Tools were the first that looked cool enough for me to buy new... A shame! I do hope they decide to at least give it a pass over as I feel like this shouldn't be too hard of a fix? Fingers crossed!

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