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Shortbow Shiro help


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Hello folks,I was excited to see the Shortbow Shiro build featured in the new meta over on metabattle. Unfortunately, there is no information about how the build works. Does anyone have any pointers on getting started with this build in conquest? I have no experience with rev, but I love the weapon set.



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There's a few fundamentals, but you can practice those on Core Power too. Anyways.. Really? I thought I had left enough details for it to be understandable, well..

Unless you can state what you exactly mean by getting started.. Because it's rather straight forward and looking at it there's been some changes to it that favors a more passive gameplay rather than active with the Speed Runes meme.

However I can share to you that what you should focus on is;

  • You have to apply as much Weakness as possible if you want to live long enough, that comes from any disables or the road itself.

  • Your endurance defines your damage, if you dodge too much. Your will suffer because having 100% endurance means also 100% critical chance for you due to Brutal Momentums bonus.

  • Conditions are your worst enemy but you can really reduce their damage to heal everything at once with the right timing, Vengeful Hammers combined with Steadfast Rejuvenation and Rightious Rebel helps you a lot with that, however this version they have now does way less damage than the one I had posted. Mine used to rely on Versed In Stone which is on paper and in practice much more powerful.

  • Charged Mists does favor their version which is quite more friendly to new users but you are limited in your options, combos and predictable.

  • Lastly you're playing with Revenant mechanics, never camp your legends too long unless it really benefits everyone on your side and only swap weapons when you absolutely need it, Staff is the weapon of choice because it was always the better defensive alternative since many changes the class has gone through.

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Lately NotoriousNaru have been playing this build in this twitch channel (although He multiclass so is hard to predict when will use that one again). My advice in Conquest would be: play in teamfights pressuring at range and use Jalis + staff to get sustain under focus and gain time to disengage with Shiro. Avoid 1 vs 1 if possible, and dont run this build in 2 vs 2 because the meta ones will outlat it in sustain.

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Literally a higher mobility version of regular Renegade builds.

Yur main draw is sustained damage from range, but yu have worst on point control due to not running Summons.

Shiro allows yu to self kite, and most importantly pull off great burst damage with IO + Sevenshot.

Yur healing is garbage tier too, so always keep on yur toes and have a finger on weapon swap whenever when yu do get jumped, because a defensive staff block/evade is crucial to survival.

Yu can tank some Condis, but yu also have a "Burst condi cleanse" combo which yu should only use in a pinch or heavily condi bombed (RS>Jalis heal>swap to staff>staff 4), or else Steadfast Rejuv is actually yur main sustain and just keep yur Upkeeps active whenever yu are trying to heal off chip damage.

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