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Revenant or warrior for pve

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@Blackrystal.3508 said:Ty for the answer, but what is the best for solo?

For solo, people tell me Condi Renegade in full viper's is like solo boss killer, but that's an elite of Revenant. I'm not sure you're asking for elites or not.Other than that, Berserker has some sick damage output with Axe/Axe and good CC on Mace/Mace. Pretty shqishy though.

You can solo main story with any class though, i did it with my Mesmer. It's not that hard. HoT boss is a bit hard but other than that, all the story instances are created to be soloable.

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Both classes are strong in PvE.

Warriors and Revenants have good builds and are both able to solo almost everything (story definitely 100%)Revenants have a little energy management, but shouldnt be a problem when learning it from scrap.Both classes have access to a ton of sustain.

But in my opinion, if you are going for endgame pve ,take warrior.

Revenant has 4 valid builds:-Condition-Renegade (hard rotation) but very high damage-Alacrity(boon)-Renegade simply for alacrity with underwhelming damage-Heal-Renegade- strong healing + alacrity-boon ,but low damage-Dps-boon-Herald, which is extremely hated by a big part of the community, even though its not that bad. (id say somewhere between mediocre-good)

Warrior has 3 ways to play in the meta:Condition-Damage-Berserker, with very high damagePower-Damage-Warrior; can be played with core and both e-specs + very high dmgAnd banner warrior: This can be played as condition dps & power dps (with same gear, every espec or core warrior) ,just simply has banners packed in as skills. it has still very high damage and amazing buffs through the banners.

The most used builds are definitely all warrior variants, then alacrity-renegade and condition-renegade. (May also be cuz warrior existed as a playable class way before Revenants got introduced)Herald and heal-renegade are almost nowhere to be found. Are still not bad though.

Overall i also have to say, you have to find out which class is more fun to play for you.way back in the days i started as warrior, but quit after a while because warrior simply wasnt fun for me. Now im stuck with my herald for some years already & still have fun playing him. Even though many players are seeing heralds as a joke.

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@"Blackrystal.3508" said:I want a build for solo boss or story in pve but i don’t know what is the best class for pve

I would say that this is amongst the best builds you can build for a solo Warrior:

Is a build focused at mele range with high armor, power and crit damage, some i-frames and decent mobility, which relies in a good timing with the adrenaline attacks and Full Counter to prevent damage, regain health and break defiance bars. But has some disadvantages: no range and stability based on movements means that a bad timing will kill you fast, because lacks blocks and defensive passives.

I would say that Revenant is better for solo. You have 3 builds which can perform well at that task: pure power Herald has lower damage (specially in AoE), but a lot of mobility and self sustain options, with the best breakers of defiant bars in the game. I think that is faster vs most of hero point champs but can struggle at dealing damage vs some bounties because usually can't attack and defend at the same time. The second option is a condi Herald: is much more tankier and has plenty of AoE damage, but is a bit slowers vs single targets. Again, is a mele build, but can solo fractals and bounties, so is stronger. The third option is using a Renegade with short bow, and you can go condi with either full damage viper (max damage), full trailblazer (damage + tankiness) or power (cavalier + commander) to get less damage but much more damage mitigation, stability and sustain.

I would say that overall power Renegade would be the best option for most of the players: has both range damage and mele damage, almost permanent protection, stability on demand and a strong set of breakers for defiant bars. But players from the meta will tell you that you should run full viper... But those oftenly struggle to fight a couple of veteran bristleback at the same time...

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Funny this should be brought up. As a way to show that Condi Herald was really good at tanking and killing, I made a video on it. It has me messing up quite a bit, but even with that, didn't get downed once. It's an attrition build, but gets the job done. This was soloing Ezal the Quick in Harathi Hinterlands, probably the hardest of all the Bandit Champions, including the Executioner, which is a legendary (which this build can take on as well).

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@taara.3217 said:

@Kanok.3027 said:Ezal the Quick in Harathi Hinterlands, probably the hardest of all the Bandit Champions>Ruye the Crimson the hardest for all a-one-man (without Clones, Pets, etc. aggro/tanking creatures) Specs, including Herald.

I find Ruye easy, even without a tank build. Put on some projectile reflect/destruction and a shield and you're good. Dodging the fire is easy. Also, on Rev, Jalis really helps with damage reduction and even more so with Planar Protection (for projectile protection) or Close Combat for further damage reduction, both in Retribution and you don't even need to sacrifice your DPS build for it. At least, not too much. Ezal, however, fires far faster than Ruye, almost twice as much, has the same knockback cone as Zirh/Ruye AND the projectiles of Varre, but MUCH harder to avoid and when shooting through them and hitting you, she blinds you, so hitting her sometimes means missing vital attacks like CC, teleports or elite skills. Mind you, this is all my personal opinion, but I've heard more people ask for help with Ezal than with Ruye.

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@Kanok.3027 said:

@"taara.3217" said:Have you personally experience with Ruye soloing as Herald?

Yes. I've solo'd every single bandit champ and the legendary bandit executioner. I do it on an almost daily basis. I find them to be fun.Ok. But as for me, I found Ezal far more easy (soloing both) and that is why I found it strange that you told about Ezal as the hardest one... Also I would be grateful if you can make video with Ruye the same one as you have with Ezal.

Ezal, however, fires far faster than Ruye, almost twice as muchIt cannot be so as they use the same ability -
Chain Shot

The biggest problem for melee Specs with Ruye is his Bonfire skill that creates an AoE that lasts 20 seconds (while Ezal`s Black Powder lasts only 5 sec):d1SqywQ.jpg

Sure, you can dodge it, but than you find yourself at range where you have not much abilities to fight. That is why it will be interesting for me to look at your playstyle in this situation especially as it more easy to you than Ezal.

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rev u can facetank alot of things thats for sureand you have shiro teleport for fast clear if u good,

warrior is pretty slow and spellbreaker is...no damage imo and berserker dies too fast for solo.

rev u can pretty much run anything u want as long as u have Devastation and facetank stuff

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Nothing makes the game as easy as Battle Scars/Dance of Death + Sword AA (+ 25 Might, Vuln, perma Fury/80% Crit chance from Traits and perma Protection with power Renegade).

Just Darkrazor's Daring + Icerazor's Ire, swap to Shiro for Impossible Odds and AA. Rinse and repeat.

30k burst that perma dazes and heals you for well over 1000 HP per second.

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