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I made three PvP builds


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The builds look good so far. What do you guys think? Hope you guys enjoy it if you try them.

http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWABs2l/lRwOYgsPmJOqL5PVA-zZALjMTh4rAFGA - Burst Brand

  • This one uses a combo of Shield’s Wrath teleported in whilst activating symbol of Faith, chaining in Protector’s strike and Zealot’s fire for crazy burst. And sceptre for sustained damage to finish them off. It takes a bit of practice to consistently nail the order but it is quite satisfying to zero someone in no time flat.

http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PWABs6d3lRwCZasP2JeeXqvcA-zZJ8MyUKEwKwDDA - Sustain Brand

  • This is a build I thought up. Pack ALL the sustain but still deal damage and see what happens hahaha.

Edit: Make that 3 builds

I Give you Hammer Brand

http://en.gw2skills.net/editor/?PWwAs2JlRwAZfsLmJOqL9PVA-zZALkGjgMTh4LAFGA - Quickened Hammer Brand

  • Hammer Brand does a similar thing to burst brand but chains shield of wrath explosion with a teleported ring of warding. Then chain into 2 &3 then auto attack because quickness makes you turn that slow hammer into something formidable.
  • Another combo is Tome of Wrath skill 3 into teleported ring of warding. Also works like a charm.
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@Yasai.3549 said:For the hammer build, yu might as well play Hammer Trapper DH.

If yur entire build centers around Hammer 5 + Teleport, Hammer Trapper DH does it way better, and guarantees an instant kill due to locking the target inside with Procession of Blades.

I was looking to play around with the quickness uptime on Firebrand really.

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