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The Departing: Disconnected, no saved progress - FIX YOUR OLDER CONTENT!

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One of the most lengthy instances has ZERO save points.I did the Balthazar fight, went to the domain of the lost spirits, found my purpose, talked to joko, defeated the Soul Eater and then disconnected...

Now I have to redo it FROM THE VERY START!!!This has been an issue for the LONGEST time but yet, ad something like save points between the parts is TOO MUCH WORK????

I am MAD .I am mostly angry about the sheer LACK OF INTEREST to fix older content from AnetDO something about this. There are SEVERAL points in this storypart where a save point would easely be implemented but Nooooo lets torment our players.

Well THANKS FOR NOT LISTENING the last years I reported the EXACT same issue through the ingame report system.Support in this game feels NON EXSISTENT.

I only have one very simple question:Why was this never fixed?

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