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Serpent’s Ire


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Serpent's Ire is just like any other meta-event: it needs a group and some coordination to complete it, but that's all. That can be organised by anyone, it doesn't need a commander tag or any special skills, just an awareness of the tools available to you. I last did it about a month ago, I did it twice about a week apart and I know I missed at least one other successful run, so it is still happening.

If you're not confident organising it yourself you can just go to the map before it's due to begin (it's important to get there in advance in case the map fills up) and watch map chat and the LFG menu for the map to see if anyone else is organising a group. But it's not difficult to get it going yourself. Here's what's worked for me when I've been the one organising it:

  • Check the Wiki in advance to see when Serpent's Ire is going to start and make sure you're online at the right time. (It helps a lot if it's right in the middle of prime time, days when daily achievements send people to Vabbi also help.)
  • Arrive in time for Forged with Fire, to get into a busy map and see how many people are around.
  • As soon as FwF ends announce in map chat that you're going to do Serpent's Ire and ask if anyone wants to join.
  • Advertise in LFG to attract people not currently on the map.
  • Ask your guild/s if they'll join, and encourage other people to do the same.
  • Keep the group advertised in LFG throughout, and make a start on the event as soon as it begins, even if you don't have many people yet. We started with about 10, which was enough for the first part, and by the time we were on to the second phase we had about 30.

It helps to have someone who knows the event to lead it. They don't need a commander tag, and for the first phase where you're killing veteran branded to lure out the zealots it can actually be better not to have a tag, so people are more likely to spread out instead of following the commander. But someone who can give instructions and prompt players on where to go, when to use CC skills etc. is useful.

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2023, still empty. I play from Japan. I'm basically still stucked, and can't go forward in it. I'm tired to waste my time and all these recs are filling my backpack so much (8+), I will probably delete all and gg. Follow your list only for an event that should be user friendly always make me quit the pve stuff, however thanks for the explanations and the hints.

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