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Tournament Finisher again


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Please I would like to if anybody from the team can tell me something about this.I would love to got that tournament finisher it has been many years :/ I just wanna ask is it gonna be available anytime ? i would give you eve 4k gems for some generate key :astonished:


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The last time we got it was in the reward chests for the Tournament of Legends (Top 16 according to the Wiki). I'd imagine if that returns you also have a shot at the finisher. Another ToL was originally announced for the Summer of 2020 but never took place for some reason.


The announcement is here:https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/looking-ahead-to-spring-summer-and-the-future/

From what I've heard it was originally delayed for MotA, but that doesn't really explain why it never took place afterwards either.

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