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Ilona draws Asura (Update 7-2-2021)


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@"Deity of Ragefire.4287" said:Your artwork would really be nice for a stained glass project with multi themed panels (it reminds me alot of stained glass art similar what you see in cathedrals/chapels)I believe its possible to print such art on plexiglass wich allows you to create a faux version of stained glass. keep up the good work. o7

Oh yes that would be an awesome idea. :o Need to try that out one day once I have the space to work on such projects. And thank you for the sweet comment. <3

I finished multiple new works the past few weeks

Two commissions:2F7D1ko.jpg60jyr1q.jpg

And here are some more headshot icons of my own Asuraqk44kmX.jpg824S710.jpg0Lrc13Z.jpgOj4gozP.jpg

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